Three Dimensional Aspect of a Main Character Mathilde in Guy De Maupassant’s THE NECKLACE

Bambang Irawan



As other kinds of literature, prose also employs intrinsic elements in order to be considered as literature. One of intrinsic elements which is applied in prose is character. A good character is required to have three dimensions which are portrayed in prose. Those three dimensions are physiological, sociological and psychological aspects. This research is aimed to gain the understanding on three dimensional aspects that build good characters in literary works. The method which was used in this research is descriptive method. The data were taken from narration and dialogues in the short story. Then, the data were analyzed to find out the three dimensional aspects that build the main character in the short story. In the analysis, Lajos’ theory about three dimensional aspects of a character was applied. As the results, in Guy de Maupassant’s The Necklace, a main character named Mathilde also has three dimensional aspects which are interesting to be discussed. Physiologically, Mathilde is described as a beautiful woman. At the ball, she is even considered as the most beautiful one although at the end of the story she is no longer beautiful. Sociologically, she comes from an average family. Her husband is a clerk who is not able to provide her luxurious life. Psychologically, she has unappreciative, materialistic and selfish tendencies. She also suffers from poverty. However, at the end of the story, her behavior changes and she starts to realize what struggle is.

Keywords: prose, character, physiological dimension, sociological dimension, psychological dimension

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