Feminism Issues Analysis in Celie Character Through “The Color Purple” Novel by Alice Walker

Latifah Latifah



This research focused on analyzing The Color Purple novel written by Alice Walker. It tells about the life of black female in rural Georgia named Celie who gets abused by from her stepfather and her husband and she is also separated from her little sister, Nettie. The story of this novel implicitly describes about the life of black female during 1930s, the issues of their low position in American social culture. By using The Color Purple novel as the object of analysis, this research raises up two points, those are intrinsic and extrinsic elements analysis. In analyzing the intrinsic element, the main character is used as a tool to analyze the woman’s oppressions that is the female character named Celie. Meanwhile, the extrinsic element analyzed in this research is feminism. This research used descriptive qualitative method. The findings and analysis consist of two parts. The first is the findings and analysis of Celie’s characteristics. The second is findings and analysis of the feminism issues such as the family, sexual assault, spouse abuse or wife abuse, race and ethnicity, consciousness raising and independence.


Keywords: characteristic, feminism issues, novel, woman’s oppressions

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