Adi Permadi Jaya, Haryati Haryati


The purpose of this study is to find out the types of illocutionary acts and the paradigmatic cases of the types of illocutionary act that is a part of speech act in pragmatics that are in Australia Day short story book. A qualitative method was applied in this study. Therefore, there were 40 data found from the dialogues of selected chapters of Australia Day short story book that was identified into the classifications of illocutionary acts and the paradigmatic cases of the types of illocutionary act. As the results, the writers found that there were 27 assertives that have the paradigmatic cases of claiming, stating, reporting, asserting, and concluding. There were 2 commissives that have the paradigmatic cases of offering, and guaranteeing. Then, there were 6 directives that have the paradigmatic cases of commanding, and requesting. There were 5 expressions that have the paradigmatic cases of welcoming, disliking, thanking, celebrating, and praising. Lastly, there was no data found that was declarative. It is shown that understanding illocutionary acts to figure out the aim of the speaker’s speech is proven to be useful as a medium of analysis in understanding the discourse’s meaning used in the short story to obtain accurate and clear comprehension. 

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