Rosmawati Rosmawati, Latifah Latifah


The spreading of COVID-19 pandemic has made the teaching learning process must be altered to be more creative ways. In teaching speaking skill, teachers must think of what teaching technique that can be effectively applied so that the students get fruitful results even though they have to study from home. That is, the objective of this study was to know how the teacher implement the teaching speaking technique by using public speaking during the pandemic COVID-19 and to find out the students’ perspectives towards public speaking technique at the eight-grade of SMPIT Dinamika Umat in academic year 2019/2020. Qualitative method was employed in this study. In conducting the study, the data sources are obtained from the recording of students’ speaking activity, the teachers’ interview and the questionnaire to the teacher and the students. The theory of Zarefsky (2013) was used to analyze the public speaking implementation. As a result, the use of public speaking as the technique for teaching speaking at the eight-grade of SMPIT DINAMIKA UMAT is suitable for students to improve their speaking skills. Based on the techniques used by the teacher, the students give a good response. From the questionnaire, it revealed that the students were so enthusiastic in giving positive responses about the learning process and they agreed with the use of public speaking techniques as a means of learning speaking skill. But there are some students who are less responsive in using the technique because they do not have adequate facilities to record their public speaking activity during the online learning.

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