Erni Susianti Nainggolan


Patterns of English are important for the students. It consists of all the elements of language, such as content, grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence pattern. Writing has a complex process. The students have to connect their ideas coherently with the writing when they are writing. In fact, not many of them can connect their ideas with the content easily. Regarding the problems above, the researcher did the research of grammatical error on the students’ writing sentences, entitled “Analysis Grammatical Error on the Students’ Writing Sentences at the First Semester of Universitas Pamulang". This study aims to know and analyze the students’ errors in writing some sentences. The errors focused on the tense, preposition, and sentence pattern. The research used a descriptive qualitative method in which the data was taken from students’ sentences. The result of the research showed that every student made an error. The biggest error was an error in sentence pattern

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