Translation Analysis of Phrasal Verbs in the Subtitle of Inside Out Movie

Divani Regga Almareta, Bena Yusuf Pelawi


Inside Out is a fictional movie about a girl named Riley Andersen living in Minnesota and her five emotions (Sadness, Joy, Fear, Disgust and Angry) living in Headquarters in Riley’s mind. While watching the movie, the writer found some issues in translating the phrasal verbs. This research aims to recognize and understand the kinds of phrasal verbs and the strategies used by the translator in translating the phrasal verbs in the subtitle of Inside Out movie (2015). This study will use the kinds of phrasal verb theory by Biber and friends (1999) and Mona Baker’s translation strategies (1992). The result of this research shows that the subtitle of Inside Out movie consists of 124 Transitive Phrasal Verbs (Separable and Inseparable) and 76 Intransitive Phrasal Verbs. In addition, there are four translation strategies used in translating the subtitle which are Translation by a More General Word (8 times used), Translation by Paraphrase Using a Related Word (8 times used), Translation by Paraphrase Using Unrelated Word (2 times used), and Translation by a More Neutral/Less Expressive Word (2 times used).


Inside Out; phrasal verbs; subtitle; translation strategy

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