How Powerful Language Could Be in Communication?

Sitti Rahma, Zeny Chaira Magribi, Matius C. A. Sembiring


This study is a qualitative study that explains how strong language could influence someone’s life based on the use of the words in communication. The study used semantics approach in identifying the effective meaning of the words. Language is powerful and a virtue to self-reflection because it is used to communicate in writing, speaking, and even visually. Having language means that we are able to communicate in such a way that others understand us. Language could be in the form of verbal and non-verbal, even sign is also part of it. Language is sound and symbol which is meaningful. It is not only a key component of communication but also a key aspect of identity. Language could shape somebody by means the words we choose to use become a part of who we are. The result of the study shows that the words have the power to raise you, to destroy you, to inspire you, and to anger you. It might take only one word and it has the power to change someone’s life. However, language becomes more powerful when understood by a wider community than just those closest to you. Therefore, understanding the meaning of the language is core to the language users to avoid ineffective communication.


Powerful; language; communication; semantics

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