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This study analyzes pantheism concept in selected Walt Whitman’s poems. Walt Whitman maintained an optimistic outlook on the future condition of the world throughout his lifetime. He was confident that only goodness would prevail as the world progressed. The poet passionately exudes this optimism in his poems, accepting and celebrating all beings and conditions and transforming the world's imperfections and evils into positive realities. While Whitman may have gained the majority of these pantheistic ideas from his own life experiences, he also was greatly influenced by other philosophers and writers during the nineteenth century. The approach of this study was qualitative. The researcher used three poems as the object of the study. The analysis was interpretive. The findings of this study indicated that pantheism concept exist on the three poems, entitled A Noiseless Patient Spider, I Saw in Louisiana A Live-Oak Growing, and On the Beach at Night Alone that explore Whitman's pantheism. The pantheism concept found are God is fully expressed in nature or material world, the view that the universe (nature) and God are identical, the idea that ‘God’ is best seen as a process of relating to the Universe. God is everything and everything is God, the world is either identical with God or in some way a self-expression of his nature. Pantheism, however, be the best term for Whitman's belief system in pantheism concept. This belief in the immanence of God leads pantheists to believe also in oneness, unity, and equality on all levels. Everything is related to or a part of everything else. As a pantheist, Whitman believed that "the universe is a vast communion of spirits, souls of men, of animals, of plants, of earth and other planets, of the sun, all embraced as different members of the soul of the world.


pantheism; poems; Walt Whitman

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