Journal History

1. Piston first obtained P-ISSN on Jan, 19, 2016. (P 2541- 3511)

2. Since the second edition (Vol. 1, No. 2), there has been a change of chief editor from Bambang Herlambang, S.Si, M.Si to Ersam Mahendrawan, M.Pd

3. In 2019 the date of first publication has been changed from 19/01/16 to  01/07/2019 to reflect the actual first publication


4. Piston received the P-ISSN on Sept, 19, 2019. (E 2686 - 2247)


5. Piston was Indexed by Crossref in 2019  


6. The reference form changed from IOP style to be IEEE style was started on the issue Vol. 3 No. 1.


7. Piston has been accredited to Sinta 4 which's based on The Decree of The Director General Higher Education, Research, and Technology Indonesia, Number 158/E/Kpt/2021 about Scientific Journal Accreditation Rating Period I Year 2021.


8. The header of template form changed was started on the issue Vol. 6 No. 1.