Colorimeter Portable to Determine Ammonium Using to Manure Tetector

Yohan Yohan, Fifit Astuti, Adimas Wicaksana


Contruction of colorimeter and calibrationare presented in this paper. In this investigation involves design, detection system, and measurement.Colorimeter was fabricated in dimension (10 x 10 x 6)cm3 consist of light source, modular data, and transducer. The light sources were LEDs which responds of  wavelength peak at 467 nm on 0,141 W/m2. Arduino Uno R3 is used to data tabulation in calculate absorbance system with 1.8.5 sofware. Then transducer was used a LDR which useful for consider the light in sample and reference. The calibration curve of ammonium consentration shows  linierity range at 0.1 to 2 ppm with y = 0.0234x + 0.0905, R= 0.9716. The portable colorimeter was found accuration and precision about 88,7 % and 99,8%. the portabel colorimeter gives the best result in this investigation and use to fake manure detector in Agricultural application for domestic farmer.


Colorimeter; ammonioum; manure; wavelenght; absorbance

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