Youtube Media: A Challenge to Develop Grammar Learning Activities

Ratmo Ratmo


ABSTRACT The advent of youtube media is a challenge as well as an opportunity for English teachers to trace and develop English learning activities as to give students new learning experience. The purpose of this study is to analyze youtube videosĀ  containing grammar topics that can be used to create more interesting and authentic grammar learning activities. Grammar topics were induced and sampled from downloaded youtube videos in five formats: short films, English song lyrics, English News, English speech, and TV Serials. Those videos were analyzed based on their relevancies with grammar topics and the possible grammar learning activities which can be developed through inductive teaching. Library research was also done to examine learning media, language learning theories and inductive teaching method in formulating grammar learning activities. The analysis revealed that youtube videos contain various interesting grammar topics which can be developed into grammar learning materials and activities. In practice, the use of such videos can be for 1) pre-learning activities as engagement or ice-breaker; 2) main activities such as listening, watching, and repeating identifying and modifying, discussion, problem solving, roleplaying and summary writing. Keywords: grammar, inductive approach, learning activities,.youtube videos

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