Applying the Eclectic Principles in English Language Teaching

Sunardi yanto


ABSTRACT This paper  reviews  several existing   English Language Teaching Methodologies  used in teaching and learning prosess  nowdays.  Since a long time ago educational experts   have been thinking and trying  hard   how  to find ways  of   the learning prosses is getting  better by finding theory of  teaching methodolologies. They are considered to have   crucial role  both for the teachers and  the learners. Educators  then   tried  out and used  the methods and finally  they got borred and  felt unsatisfied.  Realizing   that there was  no single method had been good enough to be accepted  by all educators   as the best in teaching practice, then    they   were searching  a way to solve the problem.  Finally they were applying the  strenghts  and leaving the weaknesses of  several  methods. They   apply  a set of principles to adapt the teaching procedures, known as Eclecticism/ Eclectic principles


Keywords : approach,  eclecticism,  educators, Methodology, principles

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