Presupposition of Slogan in the Jakarta Post Advertisement

Tryana Tryana, Sulan Satelah


ABSTRACT This study aimed at identifying the types of the presupposition on the slogans of the advertisements in the Jakarta post. Slogan is the words employed to describe the virtues of products or services. Presupposition is one of the indispensable things in a communication, especially in the advertisement. Mostly the presupposition is frequently employed by the advertiser to convey a message about product or service since it possesses some virtues in the advertisement. Yule’s theory (1996) and Lam (2009) were used to identify the presupposition found. The research method employed was the qualitative method. From the data analysis, some types of presupposition were found 5 types of presupposition, namely 6 existential presuppositions, 6 factive presuppositions, 6 lexical presuppositions, 1 structural presupposition, 2 non-factive presuppositions

Keywords: Pragmatics, presupposition, advertisement, slogan

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