Cultural Words and Methods of Translation used in Translating Andrea Hirata Novel, Laskar Pelangi to Rainbow Troops by Angie Kilbane

Tutut Sumartini



Culture is one of problems faced by translators, hence it is a challenging job as lot of literary works translated from source language into target language.  This study is aimed at obtaining a deeper knowledge at the cultural categories  words and methods of translation used in translating Andrea Hirata Novel Laskar Pelangi into English version, Rainbow Troops by Angie Kilbane. Both Indonesian and English languages have very different background cultures. Newmark theory was used to analyze cultural words while  qualitative descriptive methodology was used in this study. This analysis was done to find cultural words categories in the narrow sense and method used in translating of Andrea Hirata’s  Novel, Laskar Pelangi to Rainbow Troops by Angie Kilbane. The study found  5 categories of cultural words, they are: Geography or Ecology culture, Social culture, Organization, customs, activities, procedures, and gesture or habit. Material culture is the most cultural categories found in the novel. While methods of translation found are word by word, literal, faithful, semantic,  adaptation, idioms, free and communicative translation. Keywords: cultural words, method, translation, problems 

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