Analisis Penerapan Algoritma ID3 dalam Mendiagnosis Kesuburan Pria

Khaerul Ma'mur


Men’s fertility disorder is one of difficult thing to be diagnosed, if fertility has a problem, the fertilization process will be disrupted. That’s all to be the most predominant cause of discordant household. Numbers of data on men's fertility are obtained by detailed enough. Secondary data from this dataset, made a reference in making decision tree using the ID3 algorithm in software Rapid Miner. Iterative Dichotomizer (ID3) is used because it is one of the commonly used classification algorithm in Data Mining to implement decisions of some attributes that have been determined in accordance with the data customized with their needs. ID3 algorithm generally calculates the Entropy value of each attribute and the value of the Information Gain of each attribute that are able to form a decision tree that is expected to assist in decision making. The results of the tests and the method can be used to diagnose men’s fertility appropriately with a fairly high degree of accuracy.


Decision Tree; Data Mining; Iterative Dichotomizer 3; Men’s Fertility


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