Blacks’ Reactions Toward Slavery as Seen in 12 Years A Slave


  • Nahoras Bona Simarmata Unversitas Pamulang




This research discusses 12 Years A Slave movie. It tries to reveal the real life of slaves in slavery time, how the Blacks and Whites are characterized, and the Blacks’ reactions toward slavery. This research applies qualitative method by using socio-historical approach. The primary data is the movie, and the secondary data are from books, encyclopedia, and internet. There are three findings. First, slavery is clearly pictured by inhuman treatment and legalized violence. Second, the Whites were characterized as the slavers and the Blacks had to suffer the slaves. Third, there are five reactions of Blacks toward racism; fighting back, submitting themselves, falling  into despair and willing to die, revealing, and hiding their real identity.


Keywords: Slave, slavery, reactions