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Conversation Analysis is one of the studies in Discourse Analysis that uncover real-life communication such as in tv talk shows. This paper attempts to analyze the structures of interaction in tv talk shows and compare the similarities and differences between The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from the US with Hitam Putih talk show from Indonesia on the structure of interaction and cultural aspects. The structure of interaction includes turn-taking, backchannel, and adjacency pairs, while culture includes elderly appreciation. The data were taken from online sources in the form of videos that were transcribed using the convention from D. Schriffin (1998). Data Analysis was conducted according to the organization of conversation analysis (Heritage, 1984). The results found that both talk shows have the same patterns of semi-institutional discourse and differ in the cultural aspect and the involvement of the participants. Hitam Putih also focuses the questions on more serious topics than The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon which focuses more on entertainment. This study can contribute to the knowledge of conversation analysis in the context of tv talk shows and understanding that cultural differences influence tv talk shows in the modes of interaction.


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