Racism in "Stella by Starlight": Discrimination Against People of Color


  • Resa Asviani Universitas Pamulang


This study is entitled “Racism in Stella by Starlight: Discrimination Against People of Color.” This study aims to reveal the issue of racial discrimination done by white people against people of color and analyse how people of color struggle in the face of racism to get their rights. The method used in this study is a qualitative method that presents the analysis in written form. The perspective of Fred L. Pincus (2003) on the types of discrimination is applied to guide this study. Based on the analysis, this study concludes that there are several types of racial discrimination committed by white people against people of color. The types of discrimination towards people of color are distinguished individually, institutionally, and structurally. Individual discrimination describes in the form of physical or verbal and unfair treatment. Institutional and structural discrimination reflects in the separation of schools, churches, habitations, and different facilities. The forms of struggle carried out by people of color are protesting, resisting, educating their children, and protecting their people.


Keywords: discrimination, individual discrimination, institutional discrimination, people of color, racism