The Struggle for Equality in an American Marriage by Tayari Jones


  • Restu Azibrata Universitas Pamulang


This study is entitled "The Struggle for Equality in An American Marriage by Tayari Jones". In this thesis, the writer analyzes the forms of inequality namely racial inequality, social inequality, and this thesis also aims to reveal that literary works reflect social reality. The object of this thesis is a novel entitled "An American Marriage", a novel published in 2018 written by Tayari Jones. This novel shows that the struggle for equality always exists in every race. The impact of inequality in every race tends to have a negative impact. In this thesis the writer has two problems to discuss: how are the struggles of racial inequality to black couples in An American Marriage novel, and how are the struggles of social inequality in An American Marriage. The research method used in this thesis is the qualitative descriptive method. Data is obtained from words, phrases, clauses, or sentences that relate to racial and social inequality. The data in this thesis are analyzed with a sociological approach to literature. The theory that the writer uses in this thesis is the forms theory of Equality by Bhikhu Parekh (1970). The results of the study indicated that racial inequality and social inequality still occur in society and occur to both men and women, this thesis can be a reference that can provide useful information about equality for all readers.


Keywords: discrimination, equality, racism, racial inequality, social inequality.