• Prihatin Puji Astuti



This study is aimed to analyze the English-Indonesian translation techniques in a manual book of MacBook laptops issued by Apple Corporation. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative using the theory of translation proposed by an expert in the translation, Molina and Albir (2002). There are 18 types of translation techniques used to provide manual translation analysis for Apple Macbook Airs. The result of this study showed that the translation techniques used in the translation of manual book were: Calque, Pure borrowing, Naturalized borrowing, Establish equipment, Modulation and Adaptation. The total data is 89 numbers. The percentage of each technique is described as follows: (1) calque occurred 29 times and represented 33 %; (2) pure borrowing occurred 19 times and represented 21 %; ((3) Naturalized borrowing occurred 19 times and represented 21 %. (4) establish equivalent occurred 12 times and represented 12 &; (5) Modulation occurred 4 times and represented 0,04% and the last, (6) adaptation occurred 1 time and represented 0,01%. The percentage of Pure and Natural Borrowing is the same. So it can be concluded that the Calque technique is the most frequently used, and the least used is adaptation


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