Pendampingan Literasi TOEFL ITP pada Komunitas Bakhtin Institute di Pondok Labu, Jakarta Selatan


  • Iyehezkiel Universitas Pamulang



TOEFL training has become an important requirement in the current era of globalization, especially in the educational environment. Bakhtin Institute realizes the importance of improving participants' English proficiency in facing global competition. Therefore, this institution has launched a comprehensive TOEFL training program to help members of its community acquire the necessary English skills in an international education context. The main objective of community service by carrying out TOEFL training in the Bakhtin Institute community is to optimally prepare community members for the TOEFL exam and improve their overall English proficiency. This training program is designed by taking into account the components of the TOEFL exam, namely listening, reading, speaking and writing. The training curriculum includes understanding effective strategies and techniques in answering TOEFL questions, improving vocabulary and grammar, and developing communication skills in an academic context. The teaching method used in the TOEFL training at the Bakhtin Institute community prioritizes an interactive and participatory approach. Participants who successfully complete the TOEFL training have higher confidence in using English, as well as sufficient ability to achieve the expected TOEFL score. Overall, the TOEFL training at the Bakhtin Institute provides a comprehensive approach in preparing students for the TOEFL exam.