Jurnal Saintika Unpam : Jurnal Sains dan Matematika Unpam

Jurnal Saintika UnpamJurnal Sains dan Matematika Unpam is a means of publication of scientific articles and research with concentrations of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Statistics, Educational Mathematics, and other research articles related to mathematics and sciences.

Mathematics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Pamulang publishes this journal, since 2018, which scheduled periodically every six months (twice a year). 

As a note for the writer, before sending the article to the Saintika Unpam Journal, please pay close attention to the focus and scope and the author's guidelines. Inappropriate items will be returned to the author. The process of reviewing articles in this journal uses the Double-blind method, which means that reviewers and writers do not know each other.

In the context of development, the Jurnal Saintika Unpam manages to make improvements to meet the accredited and indexed Scopus requirements.


P-ISSN: 2621-7856

E-ISSN: 2655-7312

DOI: 10.32493

URL: http://openjournal.unpam.ac.id/index.php/jsmu

Official Email: jsmu@unpam.ac.id

Frequency: 2 times a year

Language: Indonesian (default), English (preferred)

OAI: http://openjournal.unpam.ac.id/index.php/jsmu/oai

Jurnal Saintika Unpam : Jurnal Sains dan Matematika Unpam






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Publication of Volume 2 No. 2 January 2020

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