Analyzing Positive Politeness Strategies on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube Channel


  • Tanti Irwanti Universitas Pamulang


Brown and Levinson theory, factors, positive politeness strategies


The study is used to analyze the positive politeness strategy in the talk show entitled “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The aims of the study are to find out the types of positive politeness strategies and the factors influencing the use of positive politeness strategies in relation to Brown and Levinson politeness strategies. It is a descriptive qualitative study. The data of the study were the utterances of the host in the talk show. Here, only the types of positive politeness strategies and factors of influencing the use of positive politeness strategies were analyzed. The writer uses Brown and Levinson’s theory to analyze the data. Based on data analysis, it was found that there were 36 data which content of positive politeness strategies.  The type of politeness strategies that are often used by the host are strategy 1 notice attending to the hearer (wants, interest, needs and goods) and strategy 2 exaggerate (interest, approval, sympathy). Then the writer also finds payoff and circumstances as some factors which influencing positive politeness strategies


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