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YEPEI (Journal of Young Electrical Power and Electronics Implementation) is a student scientific journal published in 2 editions a year, namely in May and November by the Electrical Engineering Study Program, Pamulang University, published since May 2023.

YEPEI's focus is related to research in the field of electrical engineering. The scope of YEPEI includes control and instrumentation research, industrial automation, mechatronics and robotics, electronics and microelectronics, integrated systems, biomedical equipment engineering, electronic materials, biosensors, power systems, power transmission, smart grid, insulation and protection, power generation New energy and renewable energy, energy conversion, management and conservation, information and communication technology. Please read the guide carefully. Authors who wish to submit articles must comply with the writing guidelines. If the submitted article is inappropriate or written in a different format than the guidelines, it will be REJECTED by the editor before further review. The editors only accept articles according to a predetermined format. Articles are written in Indonesian and English. YEPEI uses a double-blind assessment procedure where the authors and partners do not know each other's identities.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): Vol.1 No.1 TAHUN 2023
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Mei 2023

Published: 2023-05-20


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